Option One: Donate an entire deer – HFTH pay the processing costs!

If you would like to assist the program by donating deer all you have to do is take your legally harvested, field-dressed deer to a participating meat processor or specified collection point (see participating processor list). There is a simple form to fill out stating you are donating your deer.  Hunters for the Hungry will be billed for the processing costs. The meat will then be given to a local feeding program so that it can be distributed to people in need. To help our program be as cost- effective as possible please donate large bodied animals. Processors reserve the right to refuse any carcass not properly cared for or simply too small to be cost effective.

Option Two: Donate a package or two from a deer that you have had processed for your personal use

    When you have a deer processed for your family consider donating a portion of the meat to Hunters for the Hungry. Every package makes a difference. As little as 1 pound will help.  The processor will store this meat or add into meat that has already been prepared for distribution to be picked up by a participating feeding program for distribution to the hungry.

Option Three: Donate an entire deer plus the cost of processing   

     In addition to donating a deer at one of the participating meat processors or collection points send the $60.00 cost of processing to the Hunters for the Hungry program or make a $55 donation on line. A donation form is provided on the website if you would like to make a financial donation. Your gift is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your tax records

Option four: Donate deer from damage permit harvest

       If you qualify for damage permit harvests, call our office to see how we can assist you in donating these deer to the hungry.


NOTE: Hunters for the Hungry, with the support of the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources is accepting and testing deer in many test positive counties per the CDC and the Virginia Department of Health. We are not accepting deer harvested in FREDERICK County. Please visit or click on our tab CWD Info. / Press Releases / Publications!


Please make yourself familiar with all rules, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to CWD! We MUST ALL work together and comply with the regulations and recommendations by the Virginia Department of WIldlife Reseources to help stop the spread of this incurable disease! Please note below a map denoting the 3 Disease Management Areas in Virginia and the rules for transporting carcasses within, between, and outside DMA’s. CLick on the link below for all CWD-related information regarding CWD here in Virginia OR see pages 6, 43, 44, and 45 of the Hunting & Trapping Guide in Virginia publication.